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Very nice. Looks great in our reception area.

Zalooo Sympathy Canvas Gift Ideas I Never Left You Cardinal Wall Art Decor

i love it. it is so comforting to me.


I absolutely love my canvas! Completely satisfied! Thank you!

It’s beautiful and gives me a lot of comfort.

I have lost several people in the last few years so this is really a good fit for me because I truly believe cardinals are guardian angels

I Love the saying. I wish there was other colors to choose from to match other pictures I have from the company. For example I have one with more tan colors. This one has more yellows. I just wish they would match more together colors.

I love my pictures it’s perfect

Love it! Adds volumes to my hallway! Thanks so much for this beautiful Jem !

Your beautiful Red Bird canvas print captured my heart the moment I saw it, and I had to have one. You see, my wife's son loved Red Birds, and when he passed away, she had a Red Bird engraved into his headstone. Ever since, Red Birds appear to comfort and encourage her at important junctures in her life. This beautiful canvas print is taking an honored place with the Red Bird cards and memorabilia she has received through the years. It's message captures our feelings perfectly.

I love it. This represents my Parents perfectly who you see pictured there, they both passed in 2019 just 4 months apart. Very hard to find products with male & female cardinals. So when I saw this print along with quote, it was meant to be.

Having recently lost my husband of 50 years, this really spoke to me. It is absolutely beautiful and the quality is excellent!

Well-constructed, very colorful wall decoration. A great purchase!

Absolutely loved this! A beautiful gift for my mom.

I was scrolling through Facebook and this beautiful picture popped on my timeline and spoke to my spirit! I lost my dad earlier this year and I purchased it on a whim . I am so glad that I did. It brings a smile to my face every time I walk by it .

Beautiful tribute. Looks lovely!

I chose that picture because it reminded me of our daughter who passed away 11 years ago. She was an artist and it made us think of her. We put where everyone can see it and think of her. Thank you so much!

It’s absolutely beautiful! My coworkers and I purchased it for our supervisor who recently loss her dad. We all agree that this was the perfect choice.

Everything was great, Im always a bit nervous ordering things online, sometimes it takes weeks. My Picture from you guys showed up pretty fast. I love it and all my Facebook friends really love it too.

Really beautiful, really would love to buy more but, really too expensive for me to buy more.

Love my picture and just ordered another one. Great quality and excellent customer service!

I lost my husband several yrs ago and when I saw this canvas, it was perfect! The canvas is well made and simply beautiful. My only regret is that I purchased an 11x14 and because these prints are custom made, I was not able to exchange for a larger size.