Personalized canvas | The best thoughtful gifts for Dad on Father’s day in 2021

Personalized canvas | The best thoughtful gifts for Dad on Father’s day in 2021

Before, the most wonderful moments between you and your father might often be preserved in the written handbook as the best choice. Nowaday, we have more ways to preserve these great memories, one of them is owning personalized canvas prints. 

The memories with father are so precious in your heart, so this is the perfect time for you to spread your sweet love to your father by personalized canvas. In some special cases, you can also give these personalized canvas gifts to your loved ones as memorial gifts

These special gifts may be personalized with photos that capture clearly the feelings of you and your father at each moment, or even your family names and anniversary dates that are associated with your family in a whole lifetime. 

However, if you are wondering which items are suitable for you on this special day, don’t worry because Zalooo will help you answer this question. No matter where you are, you only need to choose the most special personalized canvas at Zalooo store and follow these 3 simple steps, Zalooo always stays beside you to bring the best personalized canvas as the most thoughtful gift for you to give to your father on this special occasion.

Let’s discover your own special gifts.

1. The personalized canvas inspire your family from your father’s meaningful words.

Not only used for wall art decor, your own photos and meaningful messages printed on personalized canvas wall art but also bring you special feelings. 

Because you want to give a thoughtful gift to your father, the personalized canvas can make your father feel that he is a special person who is willing to protect the other members of your family. What great feelings that every father in this world also wants to show.

Whenever looking at these personalized canvas prints, we believe that not only you and your father but also even the loved ones will have more motivation to try and love each other more day by day. Take these inspiration to your home with the below unique personalized canvas wall art.  

The personalized father’s name canvas wall art. 

Zalooo Family Personalized Name Hummingbird Wall Art Canvas -


Zalooo Home sweet home personalized name and date canvas -

The personalized photo canvas wall art. 

Zalooo home family blessing personalized photo canvas -

A best choice for personalized canvas with comparison of both above that is personalizing with family’s name and photo.

Zalooo personalized  family photo canvas -


2. The personalized canvas makes your father be proud of his family with personalized family’s member names.

Sometimes, your father loves to come back home as soon as possible after his working day to gather with all of the members in your family or enjoy yourself. That is the meaningful moment when everyone has a meal together and shares to each other about what happens on their day. 

However, it will be even greater if your wall home is decorated with a personalized canvas that is printed by all of the family's member names. 

Moreover, this can make your father happier whenever he misses someone who is absent at your home for a long period.  

Let Zalooo bring your father and even your family these cosy feelings with the unique personalized canvas below.  

ZALOOO Family bear personalized name and date wall art canvas -



Custom Name Canvas Family Dad– Custom Wall Art Canvas -




Zalooo Family Tree Custom Name Wall Art Canvas -


Zalooo Family Personalized Name Wall Art Canvas


3. The personalized canvas in case your father isn't with you in this world.

“ Always on my mind, forever in my heart”

We know that this words are what you want to say with your father. He is a special person who is the first friend you make and the last love of your life. No matter if you were son or daughter, the love he sent for you is priceless, and so are you. 

Though he isn’t still with you and never in your eyes, the signs from heaven are always sent to you and make you feel that he has never not stopped following you and warming your soul. 

Therefore, don’t forget to give your most special man memorial gifts as remembrance messages to him in heaven. Zalooo is here to help you send these loved words and meaningful gifts to your father with personalized canvas prints below.



Zalooo My Mind Personalized Photo Butterfly Wall Art Canvas -


Zalooo When You Believe Custom Family Photo Wall Art Canvas


Zalooo I Will Carry You Personalized Name & Photo Cardinal Wall Art...


Here are 3 ideas to help you personalize the meaningful memories both of you and your father into personalized canvas prints. But, you can also consider more other personalized canvas ideas here.

Finally, we hope you can choose the best thoughtful gifts to give to your father on coming father’s day and make the best wonderful moments of both last longer.   

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